About Me

First off, as you might have guessed, I’m a Catholic. A Traditional Roman Catholic. Yeah, that means I attend the Traditional Latin Mass. Believe me, its gorgeous!

I am a pretty diverse kind of gal. I love certain Regency novels like those written by Georgette Heyer, but I also adore spy novels like those written by Alistair MacLean. I appreciate odd fantasy like the Bartimaeus books written by Jonathon Stroud, or the Chrestomanci Chronicles written by the amazing Diana Wynne Jones, while at the same time I enjoy high fantasy like that written by Patricia McKillip.

I would love to know how to box, and while I’ve taken Aikido I think I would actually prefer a more physical (or more violent) form of martial arts. I’ve taken fencing classes, and now I want to take some kickboxing classes as well. I don’t like jogging but flat-out running is amazing. Dancing would be fun to master as well, except I don’t know any boys and I do not dance with just anyone. I think it would be interesting to parachute out of a plane – just once – but I don’t know if I’d ever bungee jump.

I adore writing novels and short stories, but I can’t stand writing letters. BORING! I love drawing, but I have a hard time drawing on demand. I also like working with clay, and I like scrap-booking, but I loathe sewing. Cross-stitching isn’t so bad, but I’d prefer crocheting to that.

I’m a very quiet person in real life, though around my family I can be quite an Italian. I don’t speak up to often if someone offends me but when they’ve gone too far, watch out, because despite my sweet appearance I have quite a ferocious temper.

I’m only human, but I strive every day to give myself to God.


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