Welcome to In Principio

In Principio is Latin for “In the Beginning.” I chose this name because, in the beginning there was God, and He is the beginning, middle, and end of my life.

I am an avid reader, avid writer, passionate illustrator, intermediate singer, interested-in-everything girl, and a whole-hearted cradle-Catholic. I blog elsewhere on the art of writing, and sometimes the art of drawing, but I love sharing Catholic tidbits of information, so I wanted another blog where I could share that kind of lovely stuff as well.

Now that you’ve found yourself here, I hope you’ll enjoy the bits of Catholic trivia (Traditional Roman Catholic Trivia, I might add) that I intend to share with you here. You’ll find prayers, litanies, and all kinds of seasonal practices that Catholics perform during some point of their lives, and perhaps even during some point in the year.

Have a virtual cup of coffee on me, and please, enjoy your stay!


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